Open Positions

Unum is a startup, so the roles shift a lot.

Skills and experiences are relevant, but so is the ability to learn and jump between subjects. We have an always-open wildcard position for people with solid coding skills in C++/Python and a strong background in mathematics, computer science, or any other STEM subject Please, read the rest of this page and if it feels like you can be part of this - reach us!

What We Do?

High-Performance Programming Theoretical Computer Science Deep Learning & Data-Science
Multithreading, Multiprocessing, Async I/O, Linux Kernel Patches, User-Space Drivers, Custom Memory Allocators & Schedulers Graphs, Hyper-Graphs, Multi-Graphs, B-Trees, LSM-Trees, Skip-Lists, VEB-Trees, Radix-Sort, k-ANN Search, Homomorphic Encryption, Fast Matrix Multiplication, Dynamic/Spectral/Algebraic Graph Theory Graph Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Bayesian Learning, Online Learning, GPT-3, BERT

How We Do It?

Interface Implementation Optimization
Python 3 C++ 20 AVX2/512 on x86
OpenCL CUDA Assembly

We rarely rely on third-party libraries, but it helps if you are familiar with those:

  • Google Test - C++ unit-testing lib,
  • Google Benchmark - C++ microbenchmarking lib,
  • JAX - XLA-based number-crunching framework,
  • PyBind11 - a bridge connecting our Python frontend with C++ backend,
  • Conan - Python-based dependency-managemet for C++,
  • Docker - containerization software,
  • Taskflow - C++ dataflow scheduling across CPU threads and CUDA kernels,
  • Halide - LLVM-based C++ library for loop-optimizations,
  • PyTorch - a modern general-purpose machine-learning framework,
  • Eigen - header-only SIMD-accelerated linear algebra in C++,
  • RocksDB - as the only commercially viable LSM implementation on the market,
  • ASIO - asynchronous I/O wrappers in C++,
  • SPDK or io_uring - asynchronous I/O avoiding system calls,
  • ZeroMQ or NanoMSG - networking without TCP/IP,
  • Nvidia Rapids - Python package for GPU-accelerated number-crunching,
  • NetworkX - Python package for small-scale network-science,
  • BeautifulSoup - Python package for HTML-mining,
  • PyMongo - Python interface to MongoDB,
  • Flask - Python web-framework,
  • Boto3 - Python SaaS integration package.

What We Offer?

  • Industry-superior Salaries and Bonuses
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment:
    • Modern laptops with Gen11 CPUs and RTX 30 Series GPUs
    • Densest liquid-cooled servers with 64-core CPUs with Terabytes of RAM, liquid-cooled RTX 30 GPUs and arrays of PCI-E Gen4 SSDs
  • Access to the biggest, most interesting and most expensive datasets on the planet, some of which exceed 100 TB in size:
    • Graphs
    • Texts
    • Time Series
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Ability to combine PHD Research with work and professional growth in:
    • Theoretical Computer Science
    • AI & Deep Learning
  • Ability to participate in the hiring process and build your dream-team!

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