About Us

Unum was founded in 2015 as a deep-tech private research lab focused on designing next-generation AI models. As with all of science, it’s a race, and you can’t win by using the same engine as everyone else. So we are continuously rewriting the whole computing infrastructure to make analyzing Petabytes of data cheaper and faster for ourselves and our customers.

What We Build?

  1. Data Storage Warehouses
  2. Compute Kernels Libraries
  3. Artificial Intelligence Models

Every one of those layers is at least a $100 Billion industry. Industry, where research and science have been mostly neglected, favouring easy temporary solutions. Today, the lack of high-quality solutions drives extreme demand for innovation. The demand that we are uniquely positioned to fulfil.

Our Founder

Ashot Vardanian is a Computer Scientist, AI Researcher and Investor with an Astrophysics background and a diverse list of previous experiences:

In 2015 he started Unum as a research project and quickly realized its future potential. While building Unum, he visited dozens of countries and conferences to establish connections with labs and enterprises worldwide and link them with Armenia, where Unum is based today.

Our Home

Our core team resides in Yerevan, Armenia. A beautiful city with 2,800-year-long history and welcoming people focused on Science and Technology. Our campus is located next to the strongest Math department in the country and has one of the most impressive supercomputing clusters in the region.

Every computer in the office has a direct 10 Gbit/s link to our State-of-the-Art server room with Petabytes of cleaned-up datasets gathered worldwide. Datasets that are exchanged between servers through 200 Gbit/s InfiniBand glass fibres so that the team can test and validate their bravest ideas on a scale of a Fortune 500 company!

Our Teammates

Our team members are trained professionals with years of experience in the most prominent American and Russian tech companies, often with supercomputing and cyber security background. Being positioned in the very core of the Armenian academic community lets us bring together our nation’s best minds both inside the country and in the diaspora!

We teach and actively participate in other educational activities across the best universities of Armenia and abroad, so if you are equally passionate about science and challenging computational problems - read our posts and consider joining Unum!