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Over the past six years, our team has worked our way through thousands of recent scientific papers and performed millions of internal benchmarks to build what is now,
The Most Efficient Data-Processing Software Ecosystem Ever Built!


UnumDB is a persistent distributed transactional ACID NoSQL DBMS. Available as Managed DataBase Software as a Service.

Faster than other databases in both read and write operations - it's the only datalake software your business will ever need!

UnumKL soon

Unum Kernel Library is our compute engine. It replaces BLAS and powers everything from basic statistical queries to advanced Deep Learning routines.

It analyzes insane volumes of data and can integrate with PyTorch, TensorFlow, Apache Kafka and most other third-party tools.

UnumAI soon

UnumAI is a suite of our pre-trained State-of-the-Art Deep Neural Networks available via REST API.

Training a network like GPT-3 can cost over $25 Million and requires hundreds of terabytes of learning data. We went through the pain of baking them, so you don't have to!

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Performance Comparison

Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark

YCSB has been the industry standard Key-Value Store evaluation benchmark since 2010. It simulates the most common DB operations and was used to evaluate MongoDB, ElasticSearch, SnowFlake, Oracle NoSQL Database, Postgres and Redis, among other household names.

    We tested UnumDB against leading competitors:
  • - LevelDB, which powers Google's infrastructure.
  • - RocksDB, which powers Facebook's infrastructure.
  • - WiredTiger, which powers MongoDB.
  • - FoundationDB, which powers Apple and SnowFlake.

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YCSB Benchmarks
Performance Comparison

Stanford Large Network Collection

SNAP is the go-to place for everyone analyzing graphs and networks. It contains a broad set of massive datasets, including social networks, citation networks, logistical networks, brain networks, gene-expression graphs, online reviews, user interactions and many more. For this case study, we picked the US Patent citation network.

    Most databases don't natively support graphs. DBs designed specifically for graphs are even worse at handling them than general-purpose DBMSs from our testing. So we adapted the most common battle-tested general-purpose DBs and tested them head-to-head against UnumDB:
  • - Postgres.
  • - MySQL.
  • - MongoDB.

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SNAP Benchmarks
Performance Comparison

Uber Rides Dataset

Since 2009 Uber has released billions of data points about Taxi and Uber rides in New York City. This helps data scientists better understand the transportation market and explore the city's neighbourhoods, nightlife, and traffic from an entirely new angle.

Given the sheer size of the dataset, it became a popular target among High-Performance engineers. Today, only purely analytical databases like BrytlytDB and OmniSci shine in those workloads. Unfortunately, their universal solution for every problem is to throw more money on servers for horizontal scaling. UnumDB is different.

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Performance Comparison

Processing a Billion Tweets

Twitter is arguably the best social network for data mining. Loved and used by developers all over the planet, everyone wants to access their API to analyze the social dynamics, sentiment around polarising topics and even to predict future stock prices!

We share the love for that dataset and consider it a perfect example of real-world web-application data. Every Tweet is a hierarchical JSON document with roughly 120 nested fields in it. It includes strings, integers, real numbers, geo coordinates, hash-tags, UTF-8 codes and other fuzzy components, making it a common accessible and fair benchmarking choice!

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Performance Comparison

Indexing 300 TB of CommonCrawl Data

CommonCrawl is by far the biggest publicly available database in history. It's a dump of billions of HTML web pages scraped from all over the internet. Today that dataset is used to train the biggest Transformer Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing. GPT-3, the most famous model making headlines since 2020, was trained on just a fraction of that data!

GPT-3 looked at only 410 Billion tokens from CommonCrawl, yet its training is estimated to cost over $25 Million. It required 285,000 CPU cores, 10,000 GPUs and absurd networking bandwidth across the training cluster. By integrating UnumDB with UnumKL, we can significantly reduce training costs, simultaneously accelerating the entire process.

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Main Features of our Database Management Software

UnumDB is a persistent distributed NoSQL DBMS. It's distributed in all shapes and sizes, perfectly tailored for most common workloads. Still, all of them preserve the following properties.

Gifted with Speed

UnumDB bridges the gap between on-disk Big-Data processing and in-memory High-Throughput processing. We are capable of processing 10x to 100x more data than other solutions without classical read-write tradeoffs.

Your SSD streams 4 GB/s, but your DBMS bottlenecks it down to 10 MB/s. Stop overpaying.

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Scales Vertically & Horizontally

UnumDB can efficiently manage over a PetaByte of textual, graphical, or other data on a single server. Where competitors need a fleet of machines, we need just a few.

The math is simple:
3x fewer servers,
means 3x lower costs!

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Familiar Design

Somehow, most DBMS brands still focus on ancient SQL-like text-based interfaces. It's not 1990 anymore, so we move on to Python, the most popular programming language on the planet!

Our SDK mimics the most popular Python libraries. You don't have to learn how to use our tools, you already know!

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Easily Composable

No matter where your data resides, we will help it find its way home to UnumDB. However, every standard exchange format is supported once you need to sample it or send it somewhere.

Export to Apache Parquet, JSON, CSV or XML formats or enable Apache Arrow for zero-copy in-memory transfers!

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Questions? Answered

Our projects have a deeply scientific core, but we also value simplicity! You don't have to know how a nuclear power plant works to use electricity, but if you are still curious - Read Our Blog!

The process is simple. Sign up. Pick your preferred public cloud and region. Deploy UnumDB and let us scale it.
Persistent, as we store data on disk. Transactional, as we guarantee ACID: atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability. Distributed, as we can scale from a single node to a datacenter-worth of servers. Multi-Model, as we handle everything from primitive Key-Value pairs to Graphs, Texts, Docs and even Vectors. NoSQL, because we don't have a Structured Query Language.
Yes, you can! We don't fix the table/collection structure. You can add and remove columns/fields on the fly without worrying about complicated migrations.
No, but you can still use it. UnumDB implements Erasure Coding that allows us to recover from disk failures faster and use less disk space in the meantime.
We design algorithms that better leverage the capabilities of modern hardware. This includes everything from engineering user-space drivers & Linux kernel bypassing, to branchless coding, extensive use of SIMD Assembly instructions, GPGPU kernels and a lot more.

The mathematical side of things is even more intriguing. Generations of Software Developers drifted away from Computer Science to basic coding. We spend just as much time with pen and paper as with the keyboard and monitor.
Great question! Once you get the taste of this speed, you want more. UnumKL will soon bring similar improvements to AI training speeds, and UnumAI will provide our customers with unparalleled pre-trained models!

UnumDB in the Cloud

Fully managed, global cloud database on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Available across 100 availability zones all around the planet.


from $0.30/million reads

For small serverless applications.
Minimal configuration required.

  • Up to 1TB of storage
  • Auto-scaling CPU and RAM
  • Pay only for the operations you run
  • Always-on security and backups


from $57/month

For big production applications.
Advanced configuration controls.

  • Starting at 10GB of storage
  • Starting at 2GB of RAM
  • Network isolation, fine-grained access controls
  • Multi-region and multi-cloud options available


from $0/month

For learning and exploring UnumDB.
Basic configuration options.

  • 512MB of storage
  • Shared RAM
  • Easy upgrade
  • No credit card required to start

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